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Millennials spend 85% of their day on their mobile! Okay, this is not a surprising fact! 
What should surprise you is what they actually do when they go online!

Far from the self-absorbed activities that most people envisioned, most millennials use their time spent online to learn new skills they are interested in. We can say with a certain degree of confidence that this generation is extremely hungry for knowledge and understands the possibilities offered by the net. Millennials want to learn in their own way, at their own pace and without fear of mixing old and new methods.

The MILC project is creating a learning approach that will equip millennials with 21st Century skills in order to practice leadership based on their way of thinking and behavior.

You will be curious to know what these skills are. You will have your own theories about which are more important and which are less important. Now, we could just give you a hint, among the others you will learn more about creativity, flexibility and even self-confidence? Anyway…

In the following weeks, we are going to present to you the most important skills of the 21st Century. We will explain why they have become so important and the benefits in both your personal and professional life of developing these skills.

Stay tuned and share this message with all your friends that work and communicate with Millennials, either they are or they belong to other generations!