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Millennials spend 85% of their day on their mobile! Okay, this is not a surprising fact! 

What should surprise you is what they actually do when they go online!

Far from the self-absorbed activities that most people envisioned, most millennials use their time spent online…

What is Critical Thinking?

Answering the question is not easy. Like many other complex and multifaceted topics, there is no unique and unequivocal definition. It is not simply being critical, that could be confused with the attitude of saying no or with being “nit-picking”. The American philosopher John Dewey referred to it as “reflective thinking” and he was the first to associate it with an educational goal. The best definition, both for completeness and beauty is Bacon’s: “Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.”

What is Innovation?

The word “innovation” is derived from the Latin verb innovare, which means to renew. The word has retained its meaning up until today. It means to improve, to replace something or to bring it up to date, for instance by applying new processes, introducing new techniques, or by establishing successful ideas to create new value.

Newsletter January 2022

MILC project is live and ready to help Millenials be the leaders of the future!

MILC’s main objective is to provide to Millenials and organizations, innovative learning approaches for developing leadership skills. …

Newsletter NO 1, January, 2022

What is Self-Confidence?

The word confidence comes from the latin verb fidere that means to trust, therefore, having self-confidence is having trust in one’s self. It is connected but different from self-esteem, which is an evaluation of one’s own worth, arrogance or hubris, in comparison, is the state of having unmerited confidence, to believe something or someone is capable or correct when it is not. Self-confidence is more specifically the trust in one’s ability to achieve some goals. As the Jamaican political activist Marcus Mosiah Garvey once said: “With confidence, you have won before you have started”. …